March 22, 2011

Put A Bird On It!

(Photo by Alexei Hay via Elle Magazine)

Have you seen the show Portlandia?  This new show on IFC is a must see! My favorite skit is "Put a bird on it". It has actually become a running joke between my girlfriends and I. You can check it out here! This skit is basically making fun of people who like anything and everything with birds on them. Ever since watching it, I've pretty much become one of those people. Seriously, I cannot stop eyeing clothes and accessories with birds on them!  This recent shoot of Amanda Seyfried in Elle has only my fueled my desire for birds ;)  Check out a few of my current lust items...

Soaring Bird Necklace by Forever 21

Urban Outfitters - Love...

 Love Birds Jewelry Stand by Urban Outfitters

 Birds and Cages Purse by Portemone

This post was inspired by my girl Brandy...who has, does, and will always "put a bird on it" when needed!


  1. Brilliant! Oh boy more cute bird stuff.....what am I to do with myself? Got to have that jewelry stand at Urban!

  2. Hey Shea! I love your blog!!!! This bird post is lovely, I be happy to have any & all of the items here. I also love the dress and bag you posted about getting for your trip! Totally things I would pick out! OXO Natalie

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  4. I absolutely LOVED this photo shoot with Amanda Seyfried. The photos made her look like a dark and twisty Disney Princess. Your post is really great. Excited to see more posts (following for sure).