May 24, 2011

Camp Wedding

Zig Zag Wedding Invitation

Southwest Wedding Ideas

Bride Gold Headpiece

Turquoise Wedding Rings

Lovers Wedding Sign

Wildflower Field Bride Groom

Bride Groom Mason Jars Simple Colorful Centerpieces

Bride Groom Dancing Leaving

I just had to post these photos from a recently featured wedding on Once Wed! The bride and groom decided to have their wedding at a Boy Scout Camp that was tucked away in the hills of Orange County.  How cool is that?  And don't you just love the bride's dress and her gold headpiece? I also think their choice of turquoise wedding bands is just lovely and unique! 

(Photos by Braedon Photography via Once Wed)

May 18, 2011

A Perfect Night in Positano

(My must have pieces of jewelry. For this night, I opted for the larger Forever 21 necklace and ring in the upper left hand corner.)

(A beautiful coral red polish - OPI on Collins Ave)

(My versatile Marco Buggiani bag was a must for our European getaway!)

(I was able to break out my new sandals for the first time!)

My husband and I took our packs to Italy, so I was very limited as to the items I could bring along. I decided to pack more of the basics and versatile pieces for the better part of the trip. This outfit was by far my favorite and most comfortable of the bunch! The black maxi dress is by Pink Rose.  I'm pretty sure I picked it up at TJ Max a few years back for less than $20. Score! I'm a huge denim jacket lover and this particular one, by Gap, has been a "go to" piece for years. My bag is by Marco Buggiani and the sandals are by Kelsi Dagger. 

On this lovely Italian night, we decided to venture all the way down to the beach to have dinner at Chez Black.  We had spotted the restaurant earlier that day and decided to take a chance on it.  During dinner it was really neat to overhear honeymooners say it was THE restaurant to eat at in Positano!  And it was.... Perfect!

May 10, 2011


My husband is famous for taking pictures when I'm not looking.  He figures it's a little "surprise" when I look back and edit photos!  When doing this, the photos are usually super embarrassing and immediately deleted.  These photos on the other hand were definite keepers!  All were taken in Positano.