March 8, 2011

Ready, Set, Spring!


'Camellia' sandals by Kelsi Dagger

 'Sparkle and Fade' lace dress by Urban Outfitters


Eos Lip Balm Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere (Pack of 8)
Eos Lip Balm in 'Summer Fruit'

Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

It's no secret that I'm super excited for Spring to come.  My recent purchases were clearly made with warmer weather in mind!  To start off new Camillia sandals! The photo simply doesn't do them justice.  They are the perfect shade of blush!  I believe they will pair nicely with the sparkle and fade dress, which I am almost tempted to "break" out immediately and pair with tights.

You can't forget the beauty products!  Anyone who knows me is well aware of my chapstick addiction.  Yup, plain old cherry chapstick.  I've tried just about every lip balm under the sun but have always ended up going back to the same ol' same ol'!  I think I may have found a winner in Eos' summer fruit lip balm.  It's all natural, 95% organic, smells yummy, and it works!  I've also discovered a new daily facial scrub.  I have naturally dry skin, so the winter weather is extra harsh on my face! This Aveeno facial scrub is fantastic! No joke. It's gentle, effective, and cheap!

I'm officially ready for Spring!


  1. Oooh your getting me excited for spring! Those sandals are a great find! You should post a pic of you wearing the dress with the sandals. So pretty....

  2. i've been wanting to try that chapstick for a while now, though i have a pretty strong addiction to burt's bees!

  3. Stop making me so excited for spring, I cant wait anylonger!! And that EOS chapstick is amazing! I used to use Burt's Bees all time like kitten roar but now that I've made the switch, I just cannot switch back!!

  4. Those are adorable sandles! and I love Aveeno products! Great post!

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