June 29, 2011


(Love this photo taken by my husband)

My best friend's German wedding was sort of a kick in the butt for my husband and I.  We had always wanted to go on a European vacation, but it always sat on the back burner. We decided to make the most out of our trip to Germany, and in addition to a trip to Italy, we were also lucky enough to partake in a road trip to Holland! Amsterdam served as a pre-wedding getaway for the bride, groom, and some of her family/wedding party.   

Oh...the houseboats, museums, bicycles, pubs, food, fashion, Red Light District, beautiful locals, architecture, and my husband's favorite beer shop, De Bierkoning! It's definitely a city worth visiting again! 

Below are some more of my favorite snapshots from the trip...

(Carl and I found a boat/bicycle rack to hang out on! )

 (Enjoying some dutch beer with the bride and groom, Faith and Nico!)


  1. Beautiful photos. The color has almost a vintage-y vibe to it.

  2. Very beautiful shots, especially the first one. Love the 'antiquey' look they have toooo x


  3. Isn't Amsterdam just the most wonderful place?! The history, the people, the desserts. I can't wait to go back.

  4. I want to go there one day! Such an amazing city! xoxoxoo