June 10, 2011

Gone Campin'

There's nothing better than packing up the wagon and hitting the road for a fun filled weekend of camping, hiking and some much needed relaxation! That's our plan this weekend and we're hoping for some decent Washington weather.

The photos above are from one of our camping trips/hikes last summer.  We stayed at a campground in Sequim, Washington and hiked 5 miles to this lighthouse!  You can actually rent the lighthouse and the keeper's quarters for a week, but you must also run the place! During our trip, a family from the UK was renting it and they said it was turning out to be the most memorable and unique family vacations they ever had. It would be an amazing experience to be a lighthouse keeper!


  1. beautiful photos! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead of you!

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  2. Running a lighthouse is the coolest idea! I always have pretty romantic notions about the lonely lives of lighthouse keepers. Or the few that remain anyway. I think most are computer operated these days.

  3. The first shot is great ! Check out my blog : http://nothinlasts.blogspot.com/

  4. I love that concept of being the lighthouse keeper! That would be an amazing adventure!



  5. there's nothing more fun than a weekend camping. in heels, of course. lol. thanks for another amazing post love. swing by to see pics of Hollywood's most celebrity filled neighborhood. xoxo


  6. I love camping, I really want to take our little guy this year. I love that first photo, it's so neat!


  7. nothing beats a good weekend of camping, the beach, and lighthouses. beautiful!