July 20, 2011

Jeans: skinny or bell bottoms?

Skinny Jean - Indigo Stretch

Stretch Bluebells - HighRise Indigo

I'm currently on the hunt for a great pair of dark wash jeans.  You know...the pair you immediately regret buying soon after you walk out of the store. The pair of jeans you find yourself fibbing about to the husband. "Oh, they were on sale!".  Not so much. The pair you realize was worth the price after 2 years have gone by and they're still your "go to jeans"! That's the pair I'm talking about. The only problem is...which style? I'm loving both the skinny jeans and blue bells from EmersonMade and wish I could just purchase every article of clothing they sell!

I may be leaning towards the skinny jeans, only because it's so easy to go from flats to wellies when Seattle decides to show it's true colors! If I lived in California I would purchase the bell bottoms in a heartbeat! What pair would you choose?

(Photos by EmersonMade)


  1. I'm loving the bell-bottom trend, but skinny jeans are always my go-to style. Plus, they just go with everything and there's less of a chance that they'll go out of style, I think (I mean, bell-bottoms have come in and out of style but skinny jeans have pretty much stayed in, I think).

  2. I love both! I feel light the skinnies will be more versatile over time though.


  3. Skinny. I love all style of jeans but they're a particular "look." I think the skinnies are more versatile these days.

  4. They BOTH look like must-haves!! However, I agree with you. Since you live in Seattle, get the skinny ones first. (Maybe ask for the others for Christmas??) I lived in Seattle for a bit in 2009, and the weather can be fickle. Go for the skinnies! :)