March 9, 2011


When it comes to haircuts, I never really stray too far from my usual style. Long layers with thinning is the norm. I came across this photo and have decided to stop the stylist from thinning my hair! I'm taking a stand. Can a girl get some bounce please?

(Photo by Jamie via From Me To You)


  1. such pretty hair! i used to always get my hair thinned out too (when it was actually long) and near the end, before i cut it all off, i told her to stop and i was so satisfied with how much body my hair had!!

    and you should definitely visit chicago. best city in the country :) i say "country" because i'm sure paris and a bunch of other places could trump it easy.

  2. That hair is gorgeous and I'm sure you'll look great with voluminous hair!!

  3. Thats right hunnie! Every girl needs some bounce in her hair once in her life!
    Love this post!
    Thanks for stoping my blog!